Tips To Safeguard Your Skin from Sun and Pollution

In the present world, the pollution is rising in lofty levels which cause many damages to our skin which results in our skin look dull and dirty. People may have various skin shades, but the glow in their skins makes them look too good. It is very important to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated.

Simple solution

Don’t worry to spend lots of money on cosmetics which may lead your health condition to worse. The simple remedy for your skin to get a glow is New Age Skin Care which is trusted by many of its users. The skin care has got various creams which provide necessary minerals and vitamins to make your skin glow even in dim lights.

The better product for reducing wrinkles in your skin isNeo Hydrate Serum which decreases the appearance of wrinkles in your skin. This serum has got natural extracts which leave your skin and body unpolluted. The extracts are

  • Chamomile extracts which help in reducing the inflammation of skin
  • Edelweiss extracts which provide necessary vitamin C for skin
  • Glycerin which in one of the best solutions for science to keep skin hydrated and soft
  • Ceratonia Siliqua which helps in smoothening the skin without flaw lines

These are the main extracts which are used in this serum to make the dull skin get life without using any of the chemicals.

Go with cream

If serums don’t interest some people, they can try creams with enriched vitamin C which decreases wrinkles and fine lines by 84%. This product is available in the market without Botox which can be used in the skin without any doubts. This cream will protect your skin against Ultra Violet rays and saves from sun damages. This can act as combat in reducing your fine lines.


Care for your eyes

Eyes are the expressive parts of our body. Due to aging issues, the eyes get dark circles and dull lines easily. To reduce that dull lines you can use eye serum which consists vitamin C. The serum mainly concentrates on giving your eyes tightened and lifted look without puffiness. The main work of vitamin C is to produce collagen which is the protein helps in nourishing the cells and helping the blood cells to grow with proper nutrition. This can help your skin repair itself in a natural way.

More cleansing

The facial scrub product allows skin to become smoother and softer after just a single usage. The kit consists of

Travel case

Exfoliating head for brush

This head has got bristles which help in cleaning and opening the pores to get more deep cleansing.

Head with sponge applicator

The sponge applicator can be used to apply creams and serums evenly in the face without any smudges.

Nail buffered head

Just to shape your nails with ease and comfort.

Head with pumice stone

The pumice stone is provided for removing the hard skins from your feet.

All these products can be used for removing the dead cells. The dead cell only causes the skin to look dull and dark. By removing the dead cells, your skin can look picture perfect.