Veterinary Services Offered By Animal Hospitals in Edmonton

Just like humans, our pets should also be kept healthy and happy. Luckily, there are various animal hospitals that offer total pet healthcare for many different types of pets. The veterinarians at these clinics provide a range of veterinary services, including annual checkups, important vaccinations and dental care, as well as neutering and spaying, among other services.

Veterinary Services in Edmonton

If you are in Edmonton, you will find various animal hospitals or vet clinics that offer a range of pet healthcare and treatment services. From emergency care to wellness services, the experienced pet specialists at the animal hospital will inform you of any treatments that are necessary for your pet. These experts are always dedicated to offering personalized attention and compassionate care for your pet during each visit. Their veterinary services include:

  1. Wellness Exams

An experienced veterinarian in Edmonton may recommend taking your cat or dog for a checkup after every six months. This helps in early detection and treatment of any disease or condition, hence ensuring that your pets are healthy. They will also check for any parasite infestation and provide early intervention, if need be.

  1. Pet Dentistry

Like humans, having healthy gums and clean teeth is an essential part of your pet’s comfort and wellness. A qualified veterinarian in Edmonton will examine the pet’s oral cavity and teeth during regular check-ups. To ensure that your pet has a healthy mouth, they typically provide comprehensive dental services, including:

  1. Treatment for diseased, inflamed or bleeding gums.
  2. Treatment and diagnosis plans for decayed or loose teeth.

III. Tooth repair and root canal therapy.

  1. Dental X-rays.
  2. Oral surgery for broken teeth, as well as other dental trauma.
  3. Tooth extractions and

VII. Routine cleanings

  1. Vaccinations

To help keep your pet healthy and happy through each stage of their life, these specialists will administer the appropriate vaccines for your pet. After the initial vaccinations, the pet will also receive booster shots during future checkups. This helps to prevent your beloved pet from contracting certain diseases.

  1. Disease and Illness Care

Since pets are also susceptible to different diseases and illnesses, proper treatment is requires in case your pet is ill. Fortunately, the experts at the animal hospital can provide the best treatment using the proper medication and procedures, enabling your pet to get well faster. Even if your pet has a chronic condition, these specialists can offer you the right information and treatment options to help manage the condition and keep your pet comfortable.

  1. Digital Radiology

This is a much faster, more efficient and pain-free form of X-ray imaging. Because it can be quite hard to get your cat or dog to lie still and relax, particularly when it is hurt or injured, digital radiography offers an easier way to check the condition of your pet. It allows the experts to check the pet’s injuries faster and provide the right treatment before things get any worse.

Some of the other services that are typically offered at animal hospitals include: grooming services, like nail trimming, laboratory blood examinations, parasite prevention and control, as well as weight management and nutrition counselling. They also offer reliable pet identification services, such as micro chipping and tattooing, as well as end of life care. So, if you are looking for a well-equipped and properly staffed animal hospital that can offer you efficient and cost-effective services, these clinics can help. Moreover, a qualified veterinarian in Edmonton will offer you quality preventative care to keep your pet as healthy as possible.