Vaporizable Cannabis Oil- Important Facts

As recreational cannabis finds itself in the spotlight, with recent efforts to legalize it in a couple of states, everyone is learning more about the infamous plant. In states where it is legal, new ways to ingest it other than smoking flower buds and devouring edibles, such as using vaporizers instead of buds, and trying concentrates, have found their way to the surface. With this new information comes many questions about the safety of these methods. While it is true that vaping your favorite derivative of the cannabis plant has been shown to promote a better overall consumption experience, there are a few things to consider before you purchase your first container of oil for your vape pen.

Be Sure Your Oil Comes from a Reputable Source

It has come to light that most companies produce oil from the less than desirable trimmings of the marijuana plant. These trimmings are essentially the garbage of the plant: the stuff that boasts little cannabinoids per unit and is ultimately recycled solely for profit. In other words, the stuff you end up putting in your oil vape pen may come from weak parts of the plant that don’t offer you as much bang for your buck.

Not only this, but it is imperative you research the company you purchase from to see what sort of testing standards they adhere to. Gas chromatography has become an industry-wide standard when testing cannabis material for potency and other values. However, during this process, the material is heated up, which fundamentally alters it and results in data that is not very accurate. Luckily, more labs are adopting a liquid chromatography technique. Liquid chromatography requires a bit more time and effort, but the results are more precise, thus making it worth the hassle for any company worth their salt. Pay attention to how your oil is tested, as well as being careful to choose the best company that produces it.

Know Exactly What You’re Smoking

Because these companies often use the cheaper trimmings of the plant to lower waste and increase profit, it goes without saying that what you are inhaling is usually less than top quality. Have you considered, though, the quality of the disposable cartridges oil often comes in? Since they use a wick to absorb the concentrate, and transport it to the rest of the wax pen, or other type of cannabis vaporizer, it’s important to consider the material that’s facilitating that absorption. If the wick itself is made from cheap, non-organic cotton, this could provide an uneven absorption to the string wick, and leave you vaping–you guessed it–dry string from your weed vaporizer, to purchase one today see VaporPlants.

Pure THC Extracts Are Actually Not What You Want

Contrary to popular belief, THC is not the only compound in cannabis that provides those delightful effects you’re after. When you isolate THC, and consume only that chemical, some unwanted effects, like paranoia, can occur. Mowgli Holmes, chief scientific officer at Phylos Bioscience, explains, “The other cannabinoids in the plant moderate the effects of THC. Our bodies don’t like THC by itself.” Therefore, you want to inhale a whole-plant extract, which includes the many other compounds often overlooked when purchasing oil for your herbal vaporizer.

Bottom line: just like any other marketable product, it’s important that you know your sources, from production to testing and everything in between.