Men – Your body Or Your car?

A lot of men are handy and like to fix things, like their car. For those guys that don’t like to tinker and get their hands dirty, they take their car to the dealer or their local fix-it guy the first sign of trouble. When those little dashboard lights come on, they spring into action. I wonder why some guys don’t look after their health in the same way? Fewer men than women go to health professionals or alternative health care workers.

Men statistically have higher rates of stroke, heart problems, cancer and even fatal heart attacks than women. They even smoke more, are more pounds overweight and have higher instances of diabetes.
The health issues that men face are no different than what women do, but they are more likely to ignore symptoms or internalize them without communicating. As a result, men are 2. 6 times more likely to fall into drug and alcohol addictions. The suicide rate is also 3 times higher than women. The lifespan of the average woman is longer than men’s by several years.

In these days of stress and fast-paced living, it’s time to recognize that your body needs maintenance and check-ups too. You wouldn’t put cheap, inferior parts and fluids into your car, so why do you put cheap fast-food into your body?

It’s time for men to start paying attention to those little signs and signals that indicate that something may be starting to be troublesome. When that little trouble light goes on, pay attention and take action.
How you feel today will determine your overall health tomorrow. If men could catch those little troubles today and look after them, they won’t become bigger troubles tomorrow.

Not only will you be saving and protecting your health you will be saving money on sky-rocketing healthcare costs. You have no idea how many people have had to declare bankruptcy over impossibly high medical expenses. It’s not worth bankrupting your health because you have been brought up to be tough. Being a man means taking responsibility for your health, in addition to the other responsibilities a man has. Becoming so involved in your business, your job, your investments, or your lifestyle that you have no time to get an annual checkup is just an avoidance tactic. If you fell and broke your ankle or your arm, you would have to have it taken care of or it would become unbearable. So why do you wait until your health becomes unbearable before you do something?

There are some really simple and inexpensive things you can do to improve your health, like drinking more healthy water. By adding antioxidant, alkaline water to your daily routine, a little more each day, you will notice that you have more energy, less brain fog and your body is functioning better. By adding a few more green things into your diet you will notice even more.

There are people who really care about you and your health. Sudden or serious illness is very hard on the body physically and on the mind emotionally. It is also hard on those who love you. Take the time to eat well, get the right nutrition, drink plenty of healthy water, get some exercise, even if it is a walk on your lunch hour. Instead of collapsing on the couch in the evening, take a walk around a block or two. Also get plenty of rest. Your body repairs itself while you sleep. Let’s keep your Maserati engine humming just like a Rolls Royce.