Is Electromagnetic Radiation Dangerous? Find Out the Answers


You may have heard disturbing stories that say cell phones are linked to cancer and other serious health problems. Cell phones and other electrical appliances emit electromagnetic fields. This electromagnetic radiation has been linked with health dangers. But is it really true? Can using a mobile phone make you sick? The truth is that not enough is known to make secure claims about the possibility of cell phones or other appliances linked with health problems. Here we take a closer look at the dangers associated with electromagnetic radiation and talk about whether it really is a risk.

Is Radiation Automatically Dangerous?

It is not the case that radiation will automatically make you sick. Everyone is exposed to radiation every second of the day, and it is background radiation so it does not have any negative health effect. A problem could potentially occur when you are exposed to high levels of radiation, on a regular basis.

Is There Too Much Electromagnetic Radiation?

When electrical appliances or electrical power works, it emits electromagnetic fields. Many people believe that because we live in a world where practically everything is emitting electromagnetic fields, the effect on our health is overwhelmingly negative. We use cell phones, we have Wi-Fi in every home, and we have electric clocks by our beds, and so on. The energy given out by electronic appliances does not break down chemical bonds in your body but it could interact negatively with your body. Long term exposure could be a problem.

Our bodies can absorb this kind of radiation and it heats up the molecules in the body. This heat is considered to be harmless but many studies show the opposite to be true. You cannot get away from the fact that every day we are exposed to more electromagnetic radiation than at any other point in our history. We do not know enough about the dangers to be completely complacent.

Can You Avoid Electromagnetic Radiation?

It is not possible to avoid being exposed to electromagnetic radiation, unless you live in a remote area and do not use technological gadgets. While the jury is still out on exactly how harmful electromagnetic fields actually are, for many people, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can buy a range of emf protection gadgets that help minimise the exposure to emf. You can also take steps to change how you use your gadgets so that you do not bear the full brunt of emf exposure. For example, you can use your cell phone only for important calls. You can avoid using a laptop on your lap, and you can turn off your Wi-Fi at night.