How to Keep Your Marriage Alive and Interesting

Relationships require a lot of work and commitment from both partners to keep them strong. This includes acknowledging each other’s imperfections and working on new ways to take the love to another level as a team. Here efficient ways to keep your relationship alive and interesting.

Accept Your Partner’s Uniqueness
The common saying that opposites attract is often true when it comes to marriage. It is your differences that bring the two of you together. Differences add variety to life and pull both of you from the comfortable rut of familiarity. They expose you to thoughts and feelings that are foreign, leading to increased opportunities for growth. Do not expect your partner to be more thin, outgoing, romantic or even wealthier. These are unrealistic expectations that will only wear you out and cause the relationship to falter.

Have More Fun Together
Having more fun will help the two of you stay connected and happy for a long time. Take some time and play together as lovers. There are several games you can play with your girlfriend or spouse. You can play mobile games, solve puzzles, roll dices, snowboard or prank call each other. Laugh together more often. Humor is an important component of a relationship that helps keep your lives in perspective and prevents boredom. You can also learn something new as a couple or cook together.

Be Open and Honest With Each Other
Honesty is a key element of a happier relationship. You need to be as honest to each other as possible to build trust. Honesty and openness go beyond just telling the truth. They mean not hiding any information from each other and not holding back when there is something you want to put across. Never lie to your partner even if you think it is insignificant. Lying can eventually boil up into resentments and arguments. Be open and vulnerable to your partner. Tell him or her about your secret dreams, deepest fears and many other things you often keep hidden.

Do Not Yell at Your Partner
It is okay to disagree occasionally. However, it is not okay to yell at your partner during disagreements. Yelling will only escalate the disagreement and hurt feelings. You may find yourself hurling insults unintentionally, and your partner may not quickly forget the hurtful words you have used. Instead of yelling, embrace an approach that fosters a healthy environment for disagreements. For instance, you can put off your disagreement if you are feeling angry or tired. If you have to disagree, stay on topic. Remind yourself what the disagreement is about and do not introduce more volatile subjects. Do not be afraid to back down if the tensions are rising. Doing this will prevent you from yelling and causing more harm to your partner.

Flirt With One Another
Always make sure you flirt with one another. Flirting in a healthy way will rekindle the love you got for each other. It will make both of you happy. You will value the relationship and get more attention from your partner. There are several ways to flirt. You can make eye contact, smile at each other, act giggly, use romantic body language or mimic each other.

Appreciate the Little Things
Do not take one another for granted. There is a huge risk involved when you get so used to another to an extent you don’t show gratitude for all your partner does. Always remember to say thank you when your partner does something good. This may include cooking a meal, fixing a broken cabinet, repairing the gate or picking something for you at the store. Appreciating the little things your partner does will make him or her feel loved.